The development of the political and civil activity of women; the increase of the defense of the rights of the young women from Moldova; the contribution to the increase of the representation of women in the bodies of the state power; the contribution to the participation of young women in the government by development of their leadership abilities, the political and civil activities; the promotion of the access to education for women; the contribution to the equal rights of men and women; the struggle against trafficking in women.

National Institute for Women of Moldova "Equality"
prevents trafficking by educating boys and girls in schools and by training teachers, professionals, police, governmental authorities and the public about the harm of sexual exploitation and ways to resist and combat it.

National Institute for Women of Moldova "Equality"
educates the public about the extent of harm sustained by women and girls in prostitution; and helps create and support alternatives for women and girls who have been sexually exploited.

We try to struggle against the social passiveness of women, the absence of leadership qualities, and the low level of women
's participation in the political life of the country and in the process of adoption of state decisions.

We mainly work with the following groups of women:

  • young women of various nationalities that live in the Republic of Moldova (they are mainly the representatives of national minorities that are subjected to discrimination on the basis of the national features);

  • socially vulnerable women;

  • the women that are subjected to discrimination.